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JPEG is an acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group. The format appeared in the 1990s. It has its benefits. The aim is to simplify large photographic files so that they can be shared with less bandwidth. The compression is lossy therefore you have to comprise a bit on quality. JPEG is not recommended for icons, line drawings as there is a sharp contrast between adjacent pixels. Despite this, it allows you to get a smaller image size than you could get with a PNG. File size matters and this calls for JPEG. JPEGs are widely used for websites due to responsiveness. JPEG images improve your page response speed over the internet.


Environment Friendly

Your online activities come with a cost. The same goes for converting images. These activities produce carbon emissions. We have to control the amount of these emissions to prevent drastic future climatic change. The tool cares about your carbon footprint to help save the globe from the environmental crisis.

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