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Convert to PNG

PNG is an acronym of Portable Graphics Format and it is the most widely used format for transferring images over the internet. The format appeared in the 1990s but still, it’s in practice. A PNG image has no copyright limitations and also gives lossless compression. Lossless compression retains all image file data in lower size. It also supports transparency. Dues to this, PNG images allow getting a transparent background around an object without any white line. This is another deciding factor to go for PNG. PNG format also proves ideal for graphic images or icons. There is no black and white line. PNG format is mostly used for website images as it supports RGB format. It is not a recommended format for printing. Choose the format as per your optimization. We have done the job for you.


Environment Friendly

Your online activities come with a cost. The same goes for converting images. These activities produce carbon emissions. We have to control the amount of these emissions to prevent drastic future climatic change. The tool cares about your carbon footprint to help save the globe from the environmental crisis.

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