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WebConverter.app is a free online image converter with
one big difference: No file uploads.

No file up- and downloads save you time and saves data transfer,
which avoids unnecessary CO2 emissions.

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About Us

We provide WebConverter.app to allow you to convert your images of multiple formats to JPEG and PNG formats. The supported formats include BMP, GIF, HDR, JPG, JPE, JPEG, PGM, PIC, PNG, PPM, PSD, TGA, VDA, ICB, and VST. The tool allows you to upload as many images as you want at a time. This distinguishes it from others. We value you, there is no need to go to online paid tools for converting more images than their already assigned conversion limit. Just come to WebConverter.app and let your task be done in minutes. You’ll convert as many images as you want in one go. We value you and give you the best experience.

We assure you that you get your conversion in the least possible time. For this, we have kept the conversion task simple and efficient. No need to sign up or provide your email to get the converted images. Just come, drop images and get instant conversion in fractions of seconds. Feel free to convert JPEG to PNG or convert PNG to JPEG. The conversion also applies to other supported formats. We give you the best service even with slow internet speeds of little bandwith as all the conversion is done offline on your device. We are on a mission to give you the best service and win the best experience with minimal resources. This allows you to convert ultra high-resolution images in seconds. Join hands with us to get instant conversion and green online conversion. Save your time, get reliable conversion and save the planet.

How to Convert Images with WebConverter.app?

Once you have opened the WebConverter.app in your browser, just follow the steps below to do the conversion. Steps are super easy to follow.

Step 1: Go to Convert to JPEG to get JPEG or Convert to PNG to get images in JPEG or PNG.

Step 2: You’ll see a dashed box in the middle of the page. Click inside it to select images to convert. You can also drag images to the box to start conversion

Step 3: No need to wait for image conversion and then for clicking on the download button. All the images will automatically download as soon as they are converted.

Convert to PNG

PNG is an acronym of Portable Graphics Format and it is the most widely used format for transferring images over the internet. The format appeared in the 1990s but still, it’s in practice. A PNG image has no copyright limitations and also gives lossless compression. Lossless compression retains all image file data in lower size. It also supports transparency. Dues to this, PNG images allow getting a transparent background around an object without any white line. This is another deciding factor to go for PNG. PNG format also proves ideal for graphic images or icons. There is no black and white line. PNG format is mostly used for website images as it supports RGB format. It is not a recommended format for printing. Choose the format as per your optimization. We have done the job for you.

Convert to JPEG

JPEG is an acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group. The format appeared in the 1990s. It has its benefits. The aim is to simplify large photographic files so that they can be shared with less bandwidth. The compression is lossy therefore you have to comprise a bit on quality. JPEG is not recommended for icons, line drawings as there is a sharp contrast between adjacent pixels. Despite this, it allows you to get a smaller image size than you could get with a PNG. File size matters and this calls for JPEG. JPEGs are widely used for websites due to responsiveness. JPEG images improve your page response speed over the internet.


Environment Friendly

Your online activities come with a cost. The same goes for converting images. These activities produce carbon emissions. We have to control the amount of these emissions to prevent drastic future climatic change. The tool cares about your carbon footprint to help save the globe from the environmental crisis.

Install to Use Offline!

Thanks to newest browser features, you can install WebConverter! Simply click "Add to Homescreen" on your smartphone or click install in the top navigation bar on your desktop. Done, no download needed.

Free, Online, And Unlimited

No sign-up required and get unlimited conversions for free! We are here to serve you unlimited conversions for free. We further allow you to upload images of different file formats at the same time to give you the best we can. You can use the tool as much as you want. You will acquire all conversions without any watermarks.

Bandwidth Friendly

You don’t need to have a good bandwidth to access our tool. The tool helps you reduce the cost associated with transferring a large volume of data over the internet. You can get it with a lower bandwidth as well; still, you get the same conversion speed and response. We also don’t store cookies or maintain your session to help you get the best service.

Data Security

You trust us for our services and we ensure your data security: It never reaches our servers! No cookies and user details are stored. Convert and complete your task without any worries.

User Friendly

We strive to give you a user-friendly service. The converter is easy to use with sufficient support for the novices. Uploading images is quite simple. Just select all images by clicking over the dashed box or dragging the file on the box. The tool with covert them instantly. You don’t have to download images individually. The images get downloaded as soon as they are converted. We equip you with an automatic download service. Just drag the images and let the tool take care of the other tasks. This makes the task a lot easier and simpler for you.

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